Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Work

Critique: Shindig iPad App
We’ve been working on iPad app pages for our magazine. The one I’m designing is a cooking guide that has a list of the evening’s menu. It includes the cooking time of each item, when it should be taken out of the oven, for example, and a timer that shows what temperature it should be cooked. There is also a shopping list that provides what food will be needed for the party. Here is what it looks like so far.

Response: Mini Portfolio
I’ve been finalizing my portfolio, and all I have left to put in it is Shindig designs. I’m planning to send it to the printer this weekend to get a proof before we present them to the class. Here is what I have for my front and back cover, a preview of what my labels and page setup will look like, and my resume, which is on the last pages.

You Can’t Miss This
On designverb this week, there is a post about emoticon rings. Chao and Eero Jewel from Finland designed these with inspiration that email and phone messages are used so frequently. Using emoticons to express emotion is probably a daily activity for most people, so I bet many think this is a clever idea. I think they're pretty funny.

I love looking at packaging design, and I found some pretty neat ones on a site called Lovely Package. Much of the designs featured are of beverage labels, but there is a wide variety of categories, such as athletics and home. Here are some of my favorites.


  1. the mini portfolio is really nice! the font you use is a perfect match for your style!

  2. I too really love the font you used for your name on your mini portfolio. It's pretty and looks really nice in the reverse type. I like that you put your contact information on the back cover. I think I might add that little detail to my back cover (if you don't care that I copy you); it seems smart.

  3. I love the rings! I think it's a response to something that's become so pervasive in society and taken it to the next level. And they're so cute.