Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week Before Break

Critique: Magazine Draft
This week I’ve been working on drafts for Shindig. It really hit me last week that there is less than two months of the semester left. We have a lot to do in a short amount of time to complete our final prototype. We're on a great start though, and I know our magazine will turn out great. I am designing the feature about Chris Nease, an event designer who specializes in throwing smaller celebrations. She has a blog that is a great resource for entertaining, which I could spend hours on. She has amazing ideas and is a wonderful designer. It’s been fun learning about her and checking out her work. Here is my first draft of the feature! 
(The photos are placeholders. The one of Chris is from and the others are from Chris's blog,

Response: Classmates’ Drafts
We previewed each magazine group’s draft today in class. Nosh is clean cut and well organized. The logo and the sell lines on the cover look really nice. Theresa did a great job. The departments and features look great so far too. The photo shoot for Christina’s feature turned out good. It looks very professional, along with the rest of the magazine. The Plaid Dad magazine is on a great start. The logo turned out good. I like the final decision. I bet it’s been challenging finding photos that fit the target audience, but it sounds like you all have specific ideas of what you’ll need. Everything is well organized, and the silver plate on the department pages fits well. I really like Cupboard’s logo that Aaron designed. Everything looks good. The “Can It” feature that Chen made really caught my eye. Modern Midwest is on a great start as well. Michelle’s illustration for the seafood feature is great. The spread has nice design elements. Erica’s “Date Night” is also appealing. I like the use of colors and the boxy layout. Great job everyone!

You Can’t Miss This:
Looking through Chris Nease’s blog this week, I came across a lot of awesome designs. Here is one of my favorite themed luncheons that I saw. You have to check out her blog if you haven’t already!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Critique: Travel Issue
This has been a pretty hectic week. Most of my time has gone toward designing for Vox's Travel Issue. It’s been quite the project. I knew from the beginning it would be a lot of work, but once we got started I realized it was even more time consuming than expected. We created templates for the department pages with our elements and type choices, and designed the TOC, calendar, film fare and two features. Tanya and I designed the six-page Day Trippers feature. It provides accounts of four Missouri trips for those interested in history, art, outdoors and food. The two of us served as art directors on Sunday as well, which was a neat experience. I think everything came together well, and I’m excited to finally see it in print on Thursday! Here is one of the most recent drafts of the opening feature spread.

Response: Portfolio
We’ve been doing portfolio critiques in class, and my work was critiqued yesterday. I brought recent designs from Vox, last semester’s magazine class and my summer internship at Cerner. It will be interesting to read everyone’s comments and suggestions. I know I’ll receive great advice, and it will help me decide what pieces I should keep as is, revise or get rid of when putting together my portfolio.

You Can’t Miss This:
On designverb this week, there is a "Help Japan" poster that James White made. All profits will be donated to help relief efforts in Japan. The poster is already sold old, which is awesome. This is a great way to take design and use it to help those in need. I think it has an impact with the cracks through the circle that represents the tsunami and only two words below it.
A lot of you have probably heard of Etsy. If not, it’s a site where you can buy and sell all sorts of things that are handmade, vintage, etc. There are categories such as accessories, art, clothing, furniture, jewelry and much more. I love looking through the paper goods because I plan to design invitations and cards for weddings and kids' birthday parties one day soon. This week I found neat bridal shower invitations and save the dates from a seller called Tints and Prints. Check out more of her designs!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Week

Critique: I’ve been working on designing logos for the Sports Journalism Institute. For the project, we created 20 different ideas. Yesterday we got feedback from everyone in class and narrowed our logos to the top five we each want to improve on. It was interesting to see the ones everybody chose. One of my favorites got the least amount of votes, but there were a few that received between seven and nine votes. For my second drafts/improvements that I'll work on this week, I'm going to focus on the typography. I need to spice them up overall. Here are some of the top picks and my personal favorites.

Response: This week Mizzou held an iPad conference that had presenters from National Geographic, ESPN, Wired, Popular Science, Better Homes & Gardens and Men’s Health. It was a great opportunity to hear from amazing people in the industry. I learned about each magazine’s experience with the iPad and the future they see with it. It’s so interesting to see how much the industry is evolving. ESPN already had a magazine, website, TV program and radio broadcast, and now 28 apps. It will be interesting to see how the apps advance. Rob King, Gary Hoenig and Wright Thompson from ESPN made me realize that I’m capable of surviving in this new world of journalism and that it will all work out.

You Can’t Miss This
This week, the blog I’m following has a post about a floating house. National Geographic Channel, scientists, engineers and balloon pilots successfully launched a house with weather balloons. It reached 10,000 feet and flew about an hour. How awesome! Read more and check out other pictures at designverb!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Helloo, March

Critique: Department #2, History Project
I designed my second spread for the music department last weekend. I assumed it would take me the same amount of time as the first, but it took about two hours longer. I’m glad I went in early, or I wouldn’t have finished in time. You never know what type of issues might come up with organizing the content. There was double the amount of text for one of the sidebars, so it was quite the task trying to arrange it nicely and fit in on the page. I think it turned out pretty well though. Check it out in this week’s issue! I've also been working on a historical perspectives project. I chose to study and critique Sports Illustrated from its first issue on August, 16 1954 to 1959. It's neat to see how much the content and design has changed throughout the years. This is one of my favorite spreads. I noticed how there is more of a focus on players and fans instead of the action of sports.