Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finalizing Shindig

Critique: Shindig 
Well, Shindig designing is officially almost complete. We’ve come a long way from our first draft, and it has turned out great. I’m so excited to see the finished product. It will be rewarding to see our work in print. Here are my pretty-much-final designs. Some online teases and high-res photos need to be placed, but other than that everything is complete. I was in charge of four departments and two features.

Also, here is my music department design for the 4/21 issue.

Response: Mini Portfolio
I worked on my portfolio this past weekend, and I realized it’s harder to come up with a layout than I expected. I’m having trouble deciding if I want to put designs strictly on the right pages or if I should include designs on the left pages as well. As of right now I have single-page designs on the right pages, and if there is a multiple-page design, I put it on both sides. This strategy might be too inconsistent, but I will decide after I figure out where I’m going to place the section labels. 

You Can’t Miss This:
Designverb hasn't posted much these past two weeks, but there was a post about puppeteers Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones. Their latest creation is of a life-like horse who trots and gallops. Check out the video. It's pretty amazing what they can build.

I came across this neat website of Mathieu Badimon, a French web designer. Check out one of his pages.


  1. I like how Shindig has been turning out for all of you. I think that your magazine has come a long way, much like Cupboard has. It's amazing how important drafts are, even for designers.

  2. Your Shindig pages look great. You have a wonderful variety of sizes and shapes (including what at least appears to be some cutouts) for your photos that work well together and "spice up" your layouts. They truly look fantastic.