Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Week Before Break

Critique: Magazine Draft
This week I’ve been working on drafts for Shindig. It really hit me last week that there is less than two months of the semester left. We have a lot to do in a short amount of time to complete our final prototype. We're on a great start though, and I know our magazine will turn out great. I am designing the feature about Chris Nease, an event designer who specializes in throwing smaller celebrations. She has a blog that is a great resource for entertaining, which I could spend hours on. She has amazing ideas and is a wonderful designer. It’s been fun learning about her and checking out her work. Here is my first draft of the feature! 
(The photos are placeholders. The one of Chris is from and the others are from Chris's blog,

Response: Classmates’ Drafts
We previewed each magazine group’s draft today in class. Nosh is clean cut and well organized. The logo and the sell lines on the cover look really nice. Theresa did a great job. The departments and features look great so far too. The photo shoot for Christina’s feature turned out good. It looks very professional, along with the rest of the magazine. The Plaid Dad magazine is on a great start. The logo turned out good. I like the final decision. I bet it’s been challenging finding photos that fit the target audience, but it sounds like you all have specific ideas of what you’ll need. Everything is well organized, and the silver plate on the department pages fits well. I really like Cupboard’s logo that Aaron designed. Everything looks good. The “Can It” feature that Chen made really caught my eye. Modern Midwest is on a great start as well. Michelle’s illustration for the seafood feature is great. The spread has nice design elements. Erica’s “Date Night” is also appealing. I like the use of colors and the boxy layout. Great job everyone!

You Can’t Miss This:
Looking through Chris Nease’s blog this week, I came across a lot of awesome designs. Here is one of my favorite themed luncheons that I saw. You have to check out her blog if you haven’t already!

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  1. This was the ideal feature to assign to you considering your passion for stationary/invitations and design work for some of those more crafty niches. After seeing some of your portfolio pieces, I think that is definitely an avenue you should continue to pursue! It's obvious you're really interested in invitation design and I think your talent for doing them is obvious.