Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Week

Critique: I’ve been working on designing logos for the Sports Journalism Institute. For the project, we created 20 different ideas. Yesterday we got feedback from everyone in class and narrowed our logos to the top five we each want to improve on. It was interesting to see the ones everybody chose. One of my favorites got the least amount of votes, but there were a few that received between seven and nine votes. For my second drafts/improvements that I'll work on this week, I'm going to focus on the typography. I need to spice them up overall. Here are some of the top picks and my personal favorites.

Response: This week Mizzou held an iPad conference that had presenters from National Geographic, ESPN, Wired, Popular Science, Better Homes & Gardens and Men’s Health. It was a great opportunity to hear from amazing people in the industry. I learned about each magazine’s experience with the iPad and the future they see with it. It’s so interesting to see how much the industry is evolving. ESPN already had a magazine, website, TV program and radio broadcast, and now 28 apps. It will be interesting to see how the apps advance. Rob King, Gary Hoenig and Wright Thompson from ESPN made me realize that I’m capable of surviving in this new world of journalism and that it will all work out.

You Can’t Miss This
This week, the blog I’m following has a post about a floating house. National Geographic Channel, scientists, engineers and balloon pilots successfully launched a house with weather balloons. It reached 10,000 feet and flew about an hour. How awesome! Read more and check out other pictures at designverb!


  1. I saw the video yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. It was one of the most amusing parts of my day.

  2. I agree that with some more spiced up typography, you can have a great set of logo designs. I think also it's tricky especially with logo designs to make every element of your design seem like a complete package when placed together, I found that to be one of the more difficult aspects of this type of design. I'm interested to see how your final five turned out!

  3. I like the idea of a brownie pan with all middle pieces. Although in all honesty I would eat most brownies no matter the shape or size.

  4. The brownie pan is interesting. With pizza I like edge pieces, but I do love the middle brownie pieces. It just goes to show that design is everywhere. If we don't end as magazine designers, there are still so many ways we can fulfill our desire to design.