Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Helloo, March

Critique: Department #2, History Project
I designed my second spread for the music department last weekend. I assumed it would take me the same amount of time as the first, but it took about two hours longer. I’m glad I went in early, or I wouldn’t have finished in time. You never know what type of issues might come up with organizing the content. There was double the amount of text for one of the sidebars, so it was quite the task trying to arrange it nicely and fit in on the page. I think it turned out pretty well though. Check it out in this week’s issue! I've also been working on a historical perspectives project. I chose to study and critique Sports Illustrated from its first issue on August, 16 1954 to 1959. It's neat to see how much the content and design has changed throughout the years. This is one of my favorite spreads. I noticed how there is more of a focus on players and fans instead of the action of sports.



  1. I think that DIY couch project is SO cool. I am not creative in that way at all, but that blog made it seem super simple. If I only we j-schoolers had the time!
    I didn't get to see the Oscars, but I definitely heard a lot of feedback just like yours. I heard that Franco and Hathaway definitely didn't work well together and that the whole show was a little too dragged out.

  2. It was very cool to see what Sports Illustrated looked like in the 1950s. I think the limitations of sports photography played a big role in defining their style, since they couldn't capture those awesome game-winning shots moments anywhere near as well as cameras can today. As for James Franco, he seemed to have that same look on his face that he had throughout the movie "Pineapple Express." Hmm...